Use this to load test data which will be iterated over with each iteration of your test.

testData.circular([, circular])

  • circular (Optional) optional, pass false to disable
  • returns:

Instructs the data feeder to repeat the data set when it reaches the end.


Adds a filter to apply against each line in the data set.

Filters can be chained, and will be run in order only if the previous ffilter passed.


    type Row = { browser: string, email: string }
    TestData.fromCSV("users.csv").filter((line, index, browserID) => line.browser === browserID)


testData.shuffle([, shuffle])

  • shuffle (Optional) optional, pass false to disable
  • returns:

Shuffles the data set using the Fisher-Yates method. Use this to randomise the order of your data. This will always be applied after filtering.

testData.fromCSV(filename[, seperator])

  • filename
  • seperator (Optional)
  • returns: <TestData>

Loads test data from a CSV file, returning a TestData instance.


Loads a standard Javascript array of data objects


Loads data from a JSON ffile